Rory Black Fine Art

Im an artist practicing in the rolling rural countryside of Herefordshire.  It is from this landscape I draw inspiration.

Light: My work seeks to arrest light's specific character in season and time of day.  'Cow Parsley' holds that midsummer, midday stillness. The fauna reaching up into the warm still air. 

Other titles include the 'Morning Meadow' tryptic  and 'Last Light'.
Chaos / Zen: Our struggle for space and mindfulness is beautifully exemplified in nature and can be seen on any wild flower meadow.

From a meadow's ground layer graduating upwards through strata of lessening competition, the upper grassy canopy holds a zen calmness in stark contrast to its fought over foundation.
Detail; Morning Meadow - Yellow
Screen printing; wikipedia

I create the images using flowers and grasses collected from the Herefordshire countryside.  I arrange these on my home made developer and expose the silk screens, which are coated with light sensitive photo-emulsion paint to create the individual stencils.
Each image is a combination of these individually 'pulled' stencils, with handworked watercolour pencil, pastel, wax and ,acrylic.
Click the image for a few explanitory images.

Process gallery
  1. Little helpers
  2. Printing
  3. Cow Parsley
  4. Finished print
  5. Home made drying rack
  6. Silk screen
  7. Home made developer
  8. The normal state of play